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About Us

In 2007, Athenian Private Client Group was founded by Mr. Spiros Vassilakos as a company that specializes in helping individuals and businesses. Athenian Private Client Group will identify and help you work toward your financial goals, apply suitable investment strategies and provide asset management, asset preservation and financial planning solutions.

At Athenian Private Client Group we are committed to working with our clients as a strategic partner to help create and execute strategies that strive to address our clients most pressing financial and investment needs.

At provides Athenian Private Client Group we provide a no obligation investment consultation where we will review your investment assets and help you create strategies designed to help pursue your financial goals.

At Athenian Private Client Group we provide strategies that are suited for our clients investment needs by offering stocks, fixed income securities, investment advisory services and insurance services offered through Cambridge Investment Research.

Our Financial service programs provide investor flexibility and emphasize asset allocation and potential alternative investment opportunities.


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