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C-Suite Executives

Athenian Private Client Group works with Corporate Executives in Florida, New York, California, New Jersey, Nevada, Delaware, Oregon and many others across the United States. My experience as an independent financial advisor and third-party money managers are very familiar with the needs and complex issues that arise when considering retirement.

Our Corporate Executive clients spend years focusing on their professional careers, but when it comes time to finally retire, they realize they may need some additional assistance with their personal finances. Our Corporate Executive retirement planning strategies include:

  • Requirements with holding specific amounts of company stock
  • Tax consequences of selling low cost-basis stock
  • NUA (Net Unrealized Appreciation) strategies for concentrated positions
  • Risks inherent in having a large concentration of wealth invested in one stock
  • Emotional attachments that executives have to their company stock
  • Employee stock options
  • ension plan options
  • Non-qualified plans (NQPs)
  • 401(k) and retirement plan allocations
  • Selling restrictions

Athenian Private Client Group has customized Executive Programs for you, including:

  • Tax-advantaged diversification strategies
  • Hedging strategies

We recognize that time is a valuable commodity, which is why our Corporate Executives avail themselves to our account aggregation services which bring stock options, 401k and retirement plan assets, company stock, investments, bank accounts, liabilities, credit cards rewards points together all on one website for tracking and easy viewing.

Our private vaulting services allows you to electronically store copies of contracts, wills and trusts, LLC’s, tax returns, insurance policies, digital pictures, copies of credit cards or passports, and more in order to keep them organized and at your fingertips.

Our Corporate Executive strategies help allow the wealth you have worked hard for your entire life to work for you so you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

No investment strategy including diversification or hedging can guarantee a profit or protect against loss in periods of declining values. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.