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Entertainers & Althetes

Athenian Private Client Group understands that Professional Athletes and Entertainers are similar to corporate executives and entrepreneurs. They have unique skills in a competitive marketplace, earn a large amount of annual compensation, may be relocated to different cities, are involved in a variety of business transactions and have the opportunity to accumulate a significant amount of wealth.

Unlike the corporate executive and entrepreneur, the professional athlete and entertainer is faced with a variety of financial issues which include a short playing career (on average) for athletes, an unstable market for both athlete and entertainer, and the desire to maintain the lifestyle to which has become accustomed during his or her peak years.

Athenian Private Client Group offers advice in several areas, as we are not only thinking of helping you manage your money, investments, and financial decisions, but also managing your unique risks that can affect your career and lifestyle.

In developing and maintaining a well thought out wealth accumulation plan for Professional Athletes and Entertainer, we focus on a variety of personalized strategies. We have access to a broad range of financial products, that helps us customize a plan to help you pursue your goals.

Athenian Private Client Group’s objective is to remove financial distractions and enable you to concentrate on your professional career. We strive for you to be financially stable when you’re playing days are over – able to do whatever you wish with the rest of your life.