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Financial Planning Services

We believe solid financial planning should be at the core of all decisions when it comes to your investments. We offer comprehensive financial planning to all our investment clients, to help manage all their resources. We help you plan for and fund multiple goals, from college tuition to retirement income. We help you position your portfolios for growth, or for income and maximum tax efficiencies, and determine optimal cash flow strategies with methods for savings, debt reduction, and retirement income.

We also offer Financial Planning for those who wish to continue having their portfolio’s managed with an outside institution on either a flat fee or on an hourly basis.

Investment Risk Management

We help you determine your risk/reward profile so you can earn a return on your investments that is in proportion to the risks you are willing to take — and not take any more risk than is necessary to reach your goals.

Retirement Planning

Arranging your finances so you can retire when you want, with the lifestyle you want, takes significant planning. We prefer the term “financial freedom” over “retirement” because retirement is often not a race but a marathon but is a transition to something different. We provide you a roadmap for saving and accumulating assets.

Retirement Income

You may want help in determining how much to spend in retirement and which accounts to spend first. We create a retirement goals analysis that include a sustainable withdrawal schedule that will put you on the path to enjoying your retirement.

Insurance (Income & Asset Preservation)

We can help determine whether you have adequate insurance to take care of your family in case of death, protect your property & assets from a catastrophe, and provide for disability or long-term care expenses.

Estate and Legacy Planning

We can help ensure that you are able to provide a legacy for your heirs and favorite charities and make it easier for them to sort out your affairs after you’re gone. With advance estate planning along with your tax advisor, we can help reduce amounts subject to estate taxes and advise with our trust & estates attorney on the correct legal structures to efficiently distribute your assets.

We will set you up with your own personal financial website called Lifestyle Dashboard – so you can see your whole financial picture in one place.