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My Story and My "Why"

Throughout my time as an independent financial advisor many of my clients ask me “why did I decided to become a financial advisor? As a young boy I remember seeing my parent struggle to manage their assets and did not have anyone help them put together a financial plan to educate my brother and I. Throughout my years in college, I had made a decision that I would be involved with helping individuals and finance. Some people would say it must be tough having a defining moment as a young man, but I have tried to make it a cornerstone of my life.

Thanks to my parents, I always try to remember to look deeper. At Athenian Private Client Group we are entrusted with so much more than managing clients’ assets. We are entrusted with taking care of Wives, Husbands, Partners, Moms, Dads, Grandparents, Sisters, Brothers, Daughters, Sons, Families and Friends. Yes, it’s important to have a strategic investment philosophy and provide cutting edge asset management, tax planning and estate planning, but to us it’s so much more. We want to provide and help our clients through living a sustainable lifestyle so they can live prosperously and enjoy the journey. Unfortunately, my mother never had the opportunity to make it to that fictitious end date “retirement,” but I know she would have been proud to know that her son is helping others enjoy their journey to financial freedom.

Warm Wishes,

Spiros Vassilakos