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Personal One-on-One Get To Know You Consultation

We will provoide you with a personal one-on-one consultation and a financial planning services review session, completely complimentary.

Here are some things we will discuss:

  • What are your financial & life goals?
  • What type of service engagement would you like to have with your financial advisor?
  • Are you interested in developing a sound, yet flexible financial plan?
  • How can you manage your investments to minimize risks?
  • How future tax changes, inflation and healthcare reforms could affect your existing wealth strategy and retirement plan?
  • How to have enough retirement income that you can NOT OUTLIVE.

You have many options when choosing a financial advisor. This important decision will affect you and your family for years to come, which is why I would like to meet with you, get to know you, and then discuss how I can help you face and overcome your wealth, legacy and retirement fears.


Investment Risk Analysis:

We will review your existing investments to determine the types and level of financial risks to which you are currently exposed. We will point out areas of concern and offer you our ideas on how to fix those problems.

Tax Strategy Review and Analysis:

We will look for ways that may be available to help you reduce your tax obligations, both current and in the future, by working with your tax advisor/CPA.

Estate Planning Transition Plan Review:

We will review your current estate plan and connect you with a Trust and Estates Attorney whose recommendations may help to preserve your estate for the benefit of your heirs. This review will show you how to create a financial legacy that will help keep your personal values intact for generations when you are gone while reducing and minimizing any taxes that your heirs may have to pay.

Complimentary Life Goals Analysis:

The end result of our meetings will be a written life goals plan that addresses your particular concerns and financial goals. The plan will include a thorough analysis of your current investments and any suggested changes. It will also include a comprehensive retirement analysis, suggested allocations and options that are available to you to better your current investments.

Retirement planning isn't about aggressive money making ideas, it's about establishing and committing to goals and taking the time to create a comprehensive financial plan. Your goals are the driving force behind the financial guidance our firm will provide. Our job is to assist you in making well-informed decisions so that you can feel confident in your retirement strategy.