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Portfolio Management

We believe in a holistic Financial Planning approach, therefore we advocate completing a financial plan to help guide discussions about risk tolerance and time horizon for portfolio management services. Therefore, if you engage us for portfolio management services, financial planning is included when managing at least $250,000.

Our firm employs the following strategies in our investment approach:

  1. A globally diversified portfolio, which holds a combination of domestic, internationally developed and emerging market investments
  2. Utilize a quantitative, evidence-based approach to investing, grounded on historical market analysis
  3. Minimize trading fees and asset turnover can reduce drag on a portfolio performance

Our Portfolio Management services include:

  • Determination of risk tolerance
  • Development of an investment strategy
  • Asset allocation
  • Asset selection
  • Trade execution
  • Regular monitoring
  • Optimal rebalancing strategies
  • Performance reporting

We have a tiered advisory fee schedule for portfolio management that starts at 1.80% and scales down to 0.45% (annually) as one’s asset level increases.