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Trust & Confidence

Athenian Private Client Group believe the future of wealth management is trust and confidence. We believe it is important that clients be able to answer three basic questions in regard to trust and confidence in their financial services firm.

Can I trust that my assets are protected against theft and fraud with my financial services firm?

At Athenian Private Client Group, through our relationship with our broker-dealer Lion Street Financial and our Registered Investment Advisor Csenge Advisory Group and utilizing our independent third-party custodian for traditional assets. Both Lion Street Financial and Csenge Advisory Group in addition with our third-party relationships mail statements directly to our clients showing security positions. Clients also have access to their statements 24 hours a day via the third-party relationships website. Finally, Athenian Private Client Group does not hold any cash or securities at our office thereby providing greater protection for our clients' assets.

Can I trust that my wealth manager has my best interest at heart, rather than his or her own?

As an independent investment advisor representative, potential conflicts of interest are reduced. With a sliding fee scale on the amount of assets we are responsible for managing our client’s portfolio, our financial interests are aligned with our clients. Our success depends on the achievement of our client’s goals and objectives.

Do I have confidence that my wealth manager utilizes an investment process that will provide me with the opportunity to work toward my long-term goals?

We believe that the tools of Proactive Management through our Third Party Managers and The Modern Portfolio theory empower us with a methodology for building prudent investment portfolios. By delivering a comprehensive set of financial services, with a team that concentrates on their professional disciplines, it is our goal that the likelihood of our clients overall financial goals are met.