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Who Do We Serve

Individuals and Their Families

As individuals consider retirement or semi-retirement, they have questions regarding retirement planning. They want to ensure that the wealth they have accumulated throughout their lives will work for them during their retirement, and they want to be sure to leave a legacy to future generations. We can help with all aspects of retirement planning and family wealth planning.

Your goals are unique to you and your family. Whether it is important for you to build, manage, and transition your wealth to the next generation, plan and learn about your retirement options, discuss estate planning, explore charitable giving opportunities and other ways to leave behind a legacy or live a life full of rich experiences and travels, our experienced Wealth Managers will work with you to develop an investment strategy and financial plan that is aligned with your personal financial goals for where you are today and want to be in the future.

Athenian Private Client Group has the experience to understand your key objectives about retirement as well as your other life goals and connect an investment approach that is specifically designed to address your needs. We work closely with you to establish a thoughtful and thorough financial plan that includes our customized wealth management strategies for individuals and their families. Our goal is to help you meet your life goals.

Small Business Owners

The success of your business over the years has depended upon the financial decisions you have made for you business. During that time, your focus on financial decisions affecting you and your family may have been neglected. Now that you are planning for retirement, there are several questions looming. How do you invest the money earned from the sale of your business for retirement that will sustain you and your future generations? Should you sell your business or keep it in the family? What are the tax implications? Athenian Private Client Group with our strategic partners can answer these and other questions with a goal that the wealth you have worked hard for all your life work for you, and you can enjoy your retirement in the style you deserve.

C-Suite Executive

Athenian Private Client Group Group work with Corporate Executives in Florida, New York, California, New Jersey, Nevada, Delwar, Oregon and many others across the United States. Our experienced team of Wealth Managers are very familiar with the needs and complex issues that arise when considering retirement.

Our Corporate Executive clients spend years focusing on their professional careers, but when it comes time to finally retire, they realize they may need some additional assistance with their personal finances. Our Corporate Executive retirement planning strategies include:

  • Requirements with holding specific amounts of company stock
  • Tax consequences of selling low cost-basis stock
  • NUA (Net Unrealized Appreciation) strategies for concentrated positions
  • Risks inherent in having a large concentration of wealth invested in one stock
  • Emotional attachments that executives have to their company stock
  • Employee stock options
  • Pension plan options
  • Non-qualified plans (NQPs)
  • 401(k) and retirement plan allocations
  • Selling restrictions

Athenian Private Client Group has customized Executive Programs for you, including:

  • Tax-advantaged diversification strategies
  • Hedging strategies

We recognize that time is a valuable commodity, which is why our Corporate Executives avail themselves to our account aggregation services which bring stock options, 401k and retirement plan assets, company stock, investments, bank accounts, liabilities, credit cards rewards points together all on one website for tracking and easy viewing.

Our private vaulting services allows you to electronically store copies of contracts, wills and trusts, LLC’s, tax returns, insurance policies, digital pictures, copies of credit cards or passports, and more in order to keep them organized and at your fingertips.

Our Corporate Executive strategies help allow the wealth you have worked hard for your entire life to work for you so you can enjoy the retirement lifestyle you deserve.

Pre & Post Retirees

Athenian Private Client Group, we utilize a personalized approach to retirement planning that incorporates income distribution planning, investment management, social security planning, health care planning, long-term care planning, estate planning and risk management. We draw on the extensive experience of our financial professionals to help create a clear, actionable roadmap in planning you retirement*

We employ an analytical, “what-if” approach to retirement planning, helping you understand the potential future impact of your financial decisions. With special emphasis on complex tax laws and investment options, we advise you on accumulating assets for retirement, managing your different retirement plan accounts and potentially optimizing the treatment of tax-preferred assets. We strive to coordinate all of your retirement plan decisions in conjunction with your estate planning, education planning, charitable giving and other financial goals.

Our customized retirement planning approach focuses both on the accumulation and distribution phases of retirement. Our detailed retirement analysis assists in helping you determine your retirement income needs. We provide recommendation on distribution strategies from your retirement assets and establish your retirement cash flow needs.

*Based on the information you provide to us

  • Analysis and determination of your retirement income needs.
  • Retirement plan review and analysis.
  • Recommendation for the most appropriate distribution strategy from your retirement plans and IRAs.
  • Establishing a plan for your retirement cash flow.

Just For Women (Divorced & Widowed)

Athenian Private Client Group offers programs specifically designed to guide women who have been through a difficult life change to financial independence. We understands the unique needs for women at a crossroads in their lives who are well-educated, but not necessarily well-versed in financial planning. We will educate you about the financial market and risk, while providing sound financial advice throughout the process to help you meet your new challenges with strength and confidence.

We utilize a 6-step process to identify the specific issues women face, such as divorce or loss of a spouse. Our program for women includes:

  • A personal, in-depth interview to create a comprehensive financial plan
  • Education on the financial markets and risk mitigation strategies
  • Consultation on estate planning concerns that may include updating of beneficiaries on retirement accounts, such as 401(k) plans and IRAs
  • A Personal Insurance Analysis—evaluates current coverage of property, casualty, umbrella and life insurance to determine proper coverage at comprehensive rates
  • A Mortgage Analysis—Although Athenian Private Client Group does not provide mortgage service, we have a network of mortgage brokers and banks with whom we work to provide services in line our clients’ overall financial plan
  • Development of a budget, savings and investment plan
  • Personal Financial Advisor that understands the unique nature of your situation, and is here to guide you every step of the way

Healthcare Professionals

As a healthcare professional, you’ll need personal and professional financial guidance as you build and grow your career and practice. We understand your unique needs to protect against liabilities and many other risks; preserving your assets from excessive taxes; manage education medical student loan debt and, finally, pursuing your financial independence. As you begin to have a family other priorities to save for – a home, children education and retirement – while facing healthcare reform, rising malpractice premiums and reduced insurance payouts. Understanding your unique financial issues you face  is our priority and this is why it’s most important than ever to make smart financial decisions now to prepare for future financial independence.

We help by getting to know you and your family by listening to how you envision your financial future. We than create a customized financial plan and a wealth portfolio that fits your investment objectives and risk tolerance. Our goal is designed to address every important aspect of your practice and personal lifestyle, including everything from funding your children’s college education, coming up with a tax strategy, to having an estate plan. By collaborating with your tax and legal advisors, we can assist in managing a family trust and work with your tax advisor on creating a tax-managed portfolio. Your goals are our goals and you can rely on us to provide a road map towards financial independence.